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Sunday, 15 January 2017

2017 life goals that i'll never complete

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Well, I can't think of a better way to kick start blogging again than procrastinating from packing my
suitcase for tomorrow's travels to Poland! If you've followed me for a while you'll probably know that I used to blog as 'Dorkfeatures', but last year switched my domain to host my portfolio website, this kind of put a hault to blogging and I really think I just needed some time to get over graduating and wait for things to calm down.

I'm back and excited to put my feelings down somewhere and also rekindle a little hobby that I quite enjoyed doing now and again. It felt weird to just start posting without doing one of these 'New Year, New Me' posts, because I think they give a little chance to catch up.

Let me fast forward you through what has happened in my life in 2016, I graduated, freaked out for a long time after graduating, my greetings cards got published by Whale & Bird (yay!), I moved into a scary looking old building in which we moved house twice, I quit my crappy photo centre job, hung up my pink uniform and became an actual graphic designer (WHAT) working at Parade Design, I pitched to get funding for my Craft Capsule project and didn't get it, I put on a shit load of weight and hated it which is something that had been impossible until I reached the age of 21, I bought about 50 striped tops and a sofa, I consumed way too many pies.

Here are some explanations of my list and some things I want to accomplish:

1. Drink less alcohol - In 2016 it's fair to say I crammed 3 years of my university drinking into one year, I definitely consumed one too many chocolate stouts too many times, threw up in too many places (including in a bush of The Celtic Manor - Newport's 5 star hotel) and fell down way too many stairs which I'll discuss in the 'Have a bad ass spine' section. So far we're 15 days into 2017 and Dry January has been successful, but our Air BnB in Poland has a fridge stocked with Polish beer so I am not turning that down.

2. Do fake briefs - When you leave uni, there's not really as much chance to do crazy ass ideas because they don't really exist in the 'real world' of design. As much as I love what I do on a day to day basis I need to keep doing my own work too. My favourite thing to do is solve problems because there are 34583405938905843058 of them out there, my time at uni also taught me that I love to solve problems that have an impact on people's lives. Anyway, there are lots of books, websites and competitions with lists of fake briefs, so this is what I need to accomplish!

3. Build card range & 'other STUFF' - Cards are great and it's what I always dreamt of doing ever since I watched 500 days of summer and loved Tom's pun-derful job, somehow and I really don't have any idea how, over the past year and a half this has actually kicked off for me, its all been a bit of a whirlwind and I've just been lucky I guess. I guess now I've got that far I feel like I need to start expanding a bit and have a few other goals. I'd love to put my designs onto notebooks, t-shirts or bags but the only problem is buying all this stuff outright is damn expensive!

4. Look after my body/bad ass spine - What has always annoyed me is when I say that I'm unhealthy and people go "Noooo don't be silly, look how skinny you are!" - well luckily now, I don't get as many 'OMFG YOU'RE SO SKINNY" comments but people still do believe that I am healthy on the inside because I'm not massively overweight on the outside. WRONG. I can guarantee that my arteries are probably one more Big Mac away from being clogged. I am the epitome of an unhealthy person, I drink alcohol, I eat badly and I do no exercise, oh and I fall down the stairs (and up) resulting in my back spine being far from bad ass. I'm also not one of these people that has a daily moisturising routine, more like an 'I'll be smooth whenever the hell I feel like being smooth' routine and I never end up taking tablets that doctors give me. I AM A MESS.

5. Become an auntie again! - Okay, maybe this one's a little deceptive. I AM going to be an auntie again, I'm not forcing my sisters to spawn children for me or anything. YAY! I'm going to be an auntie again. I still don't know how to change a nappy, somehow I've avoided it for 2+ years of Theo's life, but I do now know how to hold a baby, after sneakily Googling it when he was newborn. I am a 'lil bit terrified because holding new born babies is always as delicate as an egg and spoon race but I'm equally super super super excited because our tiny little family is growing and I get to be that super cool auntie figure (I imagine like Phoebe Buffay). Also, everything to do with children's design makes me really excited and I have swooned in Mothercare at the cool patterned babygrows and interiors of nurseries on Pinterest. Really I secretly wish adult clothes had such nice patterns and that my bedroom could have The Very Hungry Caterpillar on a cool 'lil shelf.

6. Remember how to do my 'style' - I guess this links to doing fake briefs, but since leaving uni I guess the only thing in my style has been my cards and even with those sometimes I feel they're a little basic. I really want to experiment more and try Photoshop brushes and all that jazz as well as getting my hands dirty again with my beloved ink.

Right, t-t-t-t that's all folks!
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